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04/15/15 - MrPinks checks out Mason's double Xtravaganzas HardX and EroticaX
04/13/15 - takes another peak behind the curtain at Mr. Skin's nude celebrity mega-site
03/31/15 - Joanna Angel's post-apocalyptic, punk rock, wasteland Burning Angel gets a new review
03/24/15 - Dig in to some hardcore Europorn niche sites at The Puffy Network
03/18/15 - Legendary and unwavering, Wicked Pictures proves it still is one of the best porn studios in existence

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HardX 91%


EroticaX 91%


Girls Do Porn 86%

Girls Do Porn

Mr. Skin 91%

Mr. Skin

Club Stroke 81%

Club Stroke

Naked News 83%

Naked News

Mr. Man 88%

Mr. Man

Glamour Stars Live 64%

Glamour Stars Live

The Week in Review

From celebri-titties to double-stuffed assholes, it was a wild week for Mr. Pink's this week. Brand spanking new reviews of Mr. Skin's all-famous all-female all-nude (or at least sexy) revue and hotel room amateur romp-fest Girls Do Porn covered both the 'likely fuckable' and 'impossibly unattainable' ends of the sexual accessibility spectrum. Meanwhile, over at (and I never get tired of saying this) AVN Award Winning director Mason's twin sites, HardX and EroticaX, we saw two other opposites excel in their own arenas as well as compliment each other perfectly. Romance and rough sex, perfect bedfellows? Who would've thunk it! Coming up next week at Mr. Pink's…. some utterly kinky shit!

New porn reviews
  • HardX

    Price: $14.95/1st Month $29.95/Rebill

    From the hottest director in porn today comes another outlet for your hardcore masturbatory desires. HardX caters to the discerning lover of fine pornography that leans closer to BDSM than it does heavy petting. Filled with over 100 scenes starring porn's most unrepentant sluts, and boasting weekly updates, HD videos, and content you won't find elsewhere, HardX is as hard to resist as it is to ignore. (Now if only there was a gentler, more erotic site like this, too…)

    Visit HardX | HardX review

  • EroticaX

    Price: $14.95/1st Month $29.95/Rebill

    "Erotic entertainment" can often lead to a softcore movie that plays more like a chick flick than a porno. So why would AVN award-winning director Mason launch one site devoted to hard and rough sex alongside another devoted to soft, gentle, highly sensual lovemaking scenes? I don't really know and I don't really care. After all, why question such a stunning example of romantic porn done right if it's already loaded with subtly steamy encounters gorgeous young pornstars? Why not just sit back, relax, and show EroticaX to your girlfriend. (And it just might make up for when you played her Nacho Invades America #2!)

    Visit EroticaX | EroticaX review

  • Girls Do Porn

    Price: $29.99/Month

    Girls do porn, it's true, but they're usually professionals who've long since abandoned "normal" life in favor of fucking their way to a handful of AVN nominations. At Girls Do Porn, on the other hand, the vast majority of the young women you'll observe working the cock of a new and nameless pal aren't professionals but the kinds of hotter-than-average-yet-still-pretty-average women we admire every day. Shooting Latinas and Asians and African Americans and plain ol' white girls with equal visual attention, Girls Do Porn offers a very sexy look at some major new talent you just might see again soon… Then again, you might not (especially if their boyfriends have anything to say about it.)

    Visit Girls Do Porn | Girls Do Porn review

Site Spotlight at Mr. Pink's Porn Reviews

MILF Hunter

MILF Hunter

He prowls the streets of Miami in search of women who not only fulfill his demanding physical criteria but also bring with them not adolescent baggage but the experience and, yes, the sexual wisdom only brought about by age. That's right, cougar-lovers and motherfuckers, MILF Hunter spies, seduces, and splatters a ton of moms, aunts, and even the occasional granny, all in the name of anti-ageist pornography and the height of sexual gratification. And, most importantly, he invites you along for every wild mother-fucking ride.

Visit MILF Hunter | MILF Hunter Review

Score: 84% | Price: $1/2 Days-Limited $17.95/Month
Lounging across the bed like a kitten ready to pounce, hot babe deepthroats extended cock
Bent over for doggy style fucking pleasure this blonde is being penetrated from behind
Sliding black lingerie to one side exposes the pink crotch of this blonde for deep fucking
With everything shaved, the cock goes in balls deep while this brunette takes it all with joy
POV eyes are shining brightly as this blonde uses her tongue for oral sex excitement and fun
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