Lesbian reviews

  • GirlsWay

    Price: $1/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Take a brilliant creative mind, a savvy approach to business, and a gift for crafting believable depictions of affection, lust, and eroticism and you end up with Girlsway. The brainchild of Bree Mills, Girlsway revolutionized lesbian porn upon its launch almost a decade ago. Now under the umbrella or Mills’ epic Adult Time mega-site, Girlsway keeps pumping out top-tier all-female porn in brilliant 4K videos. When it comes to girls, nobody does it better than Girlsway!

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  • FTV Girls

    Price: $29.95/Month

    If you’re fond of inexperienced young women making their first forays into the world of adult modeling and, yes, actual bona fide porno then FTV Girls is perfect for you! Loaded with hot teen and twenty-something models both barely amateur and seriously pro, FTV Girls showcases these lovely ladies in erotic photoshoots and video clips touching on all kinds of teases, flashes, and playful non-nude and nude activities. Overflowing with HD and 4K content, and with hardcore episodes landing from time-to-time, FTV Girls has everything a newbie-fan could want!

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  • XEmpire

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Dig that interracial sex but also find yourself fond of watching two women go at it? How about mixing your usual hyper-explicit hardcore porn with something a little lighter, more tender and romantic? With a bevy of HD and 4K content, the finest all-star porn cast around, and an acclaimed director running the show, XEmpire delivers all of this and more in one supremely sexy network package.

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  • Abby Winters

    Price: $9.95-$39/Month

    Homegrown babes in naturalistic, everyday settings is what Abby Winters is all about. Online now for two decades, this indie stalwart has been creating a distant brand of adult entertainment to great acclaim. Loaded with HQ galleries and HD videos showcasing a wide range of female body types, personalities, sexual preferences, and self-pleasure styles, Abby Winters is a brilliant adult site for anyone tired of the tarted-up porno model standards.

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  • ALS Scan

    Price: $19.99/Month

    When it comes to pubic hair, just say “No!” ALS Scan has been a staunch advocate for clean shaven female genital areas for over 15 years and now, with 4K videos on hand and a booming collection of erotically inclined cuties to showcase, it is looking better than ever! If you’re keen on enjoying solo sessions and lesbian sex that makes the most of the hairless snatches of its models, ALS Scan could just be your idea of heaven.

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  • Sapphix

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $29.95/Month

    Stop that man! Sapphix is an entirely female-only zone - and a damn interesting one at that. Filled with sexy European models all eager to show off for the 4K cameras, Sapphix showcases female masturbation, lesbian sex, fisting and even pornstar interviews, all on one tantalizing four-site network. Can Sapphix stand up against other acclaimed studios in the increasingly tough field of all-female porn? Let’s spread this appetizing morsel open and find out!

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  • Fantasy Massage

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    When your girlfriend’s birthday is on the horizon and she asks for a day pass to her favorite spa, telling you what she really needs is a damn good massage, she’s lying. One look at Fantasy Massage and you’re unlikely to ever view such hands-on therapy the same again. On eight exclusive websites devoted to different kinds of massages, Fantasy Massage turns every appointment into a sexual tryst equal parts taboo and tender, risqué and relaxing. Shot and delivered in stunning 1080p HD streams and downloads, the network is now every producing scenes based on members’ own fantasies - a real treat and probably what your S.O. had in mind for her special birthday indulgence. (Who knew a massage could hurt so much?)

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  • Viv Thomas

    Price: $19.95/Month

    If you tire of the usual porno tropes - exaggerated orgasms, an abundance of bodily fluids, and the presence of grunting, over-muscled men - Viv Thomas has a treat for you. Part of the Met Art family, Viv Thomas delivers highly erotic, visually sophisticated takes on solo female and “lesbian” sex episodes. With a long history of producing top-tier content, Viv Thomas is sure to please the more refined porno viewer.

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  • Yanks

    Price: $9.95/Month

    This website under review today is not a site specifically about folks from the "Northern" United States; it's about masturbation. With a constantly growing cast of amateur women prepared, even eager to share the secrets of their self-pleasuring habits with you, the home viewer, Yanks is an HD adult site devoted entirely to the intricacies of female masturbation. Loaded with intimate conversations and interviews that reveal much about their desires, wants, and needs, Yanks is about as intimate and enlightening as masturbation porn gets.

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  • Girls Out West

    Price: $29.50/Month

    How about we focus on some Aussie heat of a much more friendly and charming kind instead of those horrible wildfires ravaging Australia? Girls Out West is home to dozens of amateur Aussie women who delight in showing off the most private sides of their personalities for an online audience. With solo scenes, lesbian couples and groups, bisexual threesomes, and even a sliver of straight sex available in HD and 4K videos, and in high-res galleries, Girls Out West is a genuine Aussie porn gem.

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  • Nubile Films

    Price: $19.98/Month

    “Capturing the essence of sensuality,” is an admirable goal for any pornographic outfit. In the capable hands of Nubile Films producers, the work found under the banner of this site delivers erotic pleasures for the mature home viewer. In 4K Ultra-HD packages rich with visual treats and populated by today’s sexiest porn talents, Nubile Films has plenty to offer any viewer seeking something a little more refined than what most porn sites dish up.

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