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  • Mature Gloryhole

    Price: €39.85/Month $51.65/Month

    Gloryhole scenes are found in just about every adult video market, whether kink, mainstream, or extremely fetishistic. Usually, though, the women doing the sucking are hot young things with relentless sexual energy. At Mature Gloryhole, however, it's the older generations of cumsluts that are dropping to their knees to deliver deep, slippery blowjobs. Taking facial after facial until they can barely see (even with their bifocals on), these 40-something, 50-something, and 60-something knob-gobblers make a great case for visiting your local gloryhole and asking the woman on the other not to bother if she's under forty. After all, experience is what really counts and nobody is more experienced at sucking dick than the wrinkled and wanton hussies of Mature Gloryhole.

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  • British Gals

    Price: $14.95/month $9.95/Rebill

    British Gals can be prim and proper and speak with an accent similar to that super-GILF Julie Andrews's, but they can also be nasty little minxes who'll stop at nothing to get their jollies. At the website of the same name, you'll find hundreds of girls stripping and posing in photo galleries that give you, the home viewer, unprecedented visual access to their pink and wobbly bits. And… oh, wait, that's it.

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  • Sarah and Melli

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Sarah's got an athletic physique and a charming smile. Melli is more fully-figured, a bit chubby, but nevertheless makes quite an impression. Together, Sarah and Melli, on their so-named joint site, present would-be fans with a tempting proposition: give us twenty bucks and spend a month in our sultry company. Beware, though, fellas! Sarah and Melli have only just setup shop here and there's hardly any content online. They may look like innocent sweethearts who'd never do you wrong, but their site, it could have other intentions.

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  • Russians Like It Big

    Price: $24.95/Month $49.95/90 Days

    You like hot girls, yes? And hot girls with exotic European accents even more? Well, take a good long look at the ladies featured on the tour pages of Russians Like It Big. If you can tell me that they don't inspire a raging boner down below your belt, you're either a quadriplegic or you still hate Russians 'cause of that whole Cold War business. Russians Like It Big stars the brightest babes of the Russian adult entertainment scene and shows them for what they are: size-whores who'll do almost anything to get their fill of thick Euro dick. Taking it orally, vaginally, and anally, these gals sure are doing Mother Russia proud. Won't you do your part to help bridge the gap between nations, comrade?

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  • Teen Pink Videos

    Price: $0.95/2 Days-Limited $27.95/Month

    Expectations are, well, lukewarm for Teen Pink Videos as I enter my log-in details and hit the update page for the first time in what seems like (and probably is) years. What, updates have stalled? What's going on here? Must I inform my loyal readers that Teen Pink Videos is deader than Sid Vicious and Nancy Spudgen combined? Sorry, folks, but it looks that way. For more information on what exactly happened to Teen Pink Videos and what anyone signing up now is getting for their money, read on!

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  • Alicia Dreams

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Meet Alicia Dreams, an 18-year-old hottie who likes candy, her girlfriends, and posing for prying eyes in short skirts, sheer tops, skimpy bikinis, and all sorts of erotically enticing costumes right here on her self-titled website. Presented in photo galleries and video scenes of a softcore nature, Alicia and her co-stars offer fans of 18-year-old hotties a bevy of visual delights, but will it be enough to satisfy the audience and warrant the twenty dollar monthly membership charge? Kick off your shoes, forget about your troubles and strife, and let’s get naughty with the stunningly sexy Alicia Dreams.

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  • Lucy Lust

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Along with her Girlie Pass gal pals Alicia Dreams, Stacey Rocks, Chloe Lovette, and Naomi Teen, foxy blonde British chick Lucy Lust aims to titillate your tonger and liven up your libido with videos and photos that show off her sexy 18-year-old body and eagerness for naked, naughty fun. As a new site, though, Lucy Lust - she named her site after herself, natch - has much to prove. Can she overcome the limitations of her girlhood and relative inexperience? Honestly... probably not, but it could be fun to see her try!

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  • Only Emma

    Price: $19.95/Month $14.95/Rebill

    Emma C. is a self-styled amateur porno superstar and on her Only Emma website fans of this alternately blonde and brunette British minx can find an exclusive collection of photos and videos showing her masturbating, being masturbated, and enjoying the intimate company of some equally sexy girlfriends. Since my therapist instructed me to try to remain positive in every situation, I'll leave it there. Only Emma: it's an adult website!

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