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  • Sex Art

    Price: $19.99/Month

    When an adult network or studio is known around the world for its devotion to erotic softcore content, you wouldn’t expect it to produce a site like Sex Art. Devoted to hardcore interactions while remaining just an gently erotic and sensually inclined as its network fellows, Sex Art brings high-res images and UHD videos your way, each update celebrating self-love, lesbian congress, and hetero sex with great style.

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  • Viv Thomas

    Price: $19.99/Month

    When you’ve been creating marvelously sexy erotic art for decades, and when your self-titled website just keeps gaining more and more fans and followers, what’s an acclaimed pornographer to do? Well, if you’re Viv Thomas, you put your head down and keep on creating! At his official website, Viv Thomas, lauded creator of erotic art, brings his members solo female and lesbian encounters rendered in 4K video and super-high-res photo galleries that offer unparalleled erotic viewing.

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  • Naughty America

    Price: $1.95/3 Days $29.95/Month

    Naughty America is known worldwide for being a much valued source of pornographic treasures. Not content with churning out stellar 2D fuck flicks, Naughty America is also a powerful figure in Virtual Porn, shooting today’s sexiest and sluttiest pornstars in richly immersive virtual sex experiences. As Naughty America continues to grow and expand, we stopped by to take a look at the state of this sordid union and see what’s making porn classic Naughty America tick these days.

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  • ALS Scan

    Price: $19.99/Month

    A few years ago, a call of “All ladies shaved!” would’ve been met with rapturous support from the worldwide porno community but after #bringbackthebush swept social media some thought clean shaven pussies were on the outs again, even in porn. ALS Scan not only carries the flame of hairless snatches, it carries it a few hundred feet high! Now providing its members with massively detailed 4K Ultra-HD videos and high-res galleries galore, each showing a different method and means of exploring the pussy of a teen porn goddess (with her as your guide), ALS Scan is a must for all those who long for a return to this muff-free status quo.

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  • Met Art X

    Price: $19.99/Month

    Met Art, much beloved for its classy erotic photography, had its limitations. Masturbation focused offshoot site, Met Art X also keeps its models constrained by circumstance to satisfy their own arousal. Left without partners but immensely turned and gloriously naked, Met Art X’s awesome cast of European and American porn and erotica darlings show off their masturbation preferences in HD and 4K videos, and in super-high-res galleries glistening with erotic detail. If you seek premium female masturbation content that doesn’t skimp on the detail, Met Art X has plenty in store for you.

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  • VideosZ

    Price: $17.95/Month

    If you’re unsure of what will get you off this time but want to whack yourself to orgasm all the same, a site like VideosZ is the perfect choice for your private entertainment. Filled with a truly gargantuan amount of porn both HD and SD, covering all niches, kinks and outlier interests, VideosZ should have been content to offer one of the ’net’s most impressive porn collections. Teaming with Bang! and its network of original and licensed sites, VideosZ just keeps pushing further towards that great porno goalpost only it can see. Striving for excellence (but arguably settling for abundance), VideosZ is not only huge abut hugely entertaining.

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  • Brutal POV

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Sexual frustration and social inactivity can breed insanity. At Brutal POV, a brand new Fetish Network site dealing in exclusive takedown videos, your most sinister desires are given a vicarious outlet rendered in super-rich 4K and HD videos that put today’s brightest young porn talents under the control of porn’s nastiest leading men. Brutal POV’s takedowns are not for the faint of heart, but they’re hardly the most aggressive domination sessions this legendary network has to offer. Dig in and control your darkest desires with Brutal POV.

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  • Pegas Productions

    Price: $14.95/Month

    When you tire of all the bottle blonde newbies flocking to Los Angeles to break into the glitzy world of mainstream American porn, and when Miami and New York’s women just don’t cut your personal porno mustard anymore, heed Mr. Pink’s advice, dear friends, and head north. Operating out of Quebec, Canada, the French-language Pegas Productions brings the French provinces’ steamiest young amateur women to you in rich HD videos. Whether delighting their real-life boyfriends or diving into a sordid onscreen affair with another man or woman (or both), Canada’s finest amateurs have flocked to Pegas Productions and now make an international plea for your close carnal attention.

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