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  • Hot Bush

    Price: $1/2 Days-Limited $17.95/Month

    Gone are the days when a completely hairless genital area was the only way some porn fans would even consider ogling a star performer. Sure, girls like Asa Akira still rock the clean shaven look, but more and more women in porn are attempting to revive interest in a more natural state. With dozens of pornstar sluts showing off their fluffy downstairs muffs, Hot Bush is a Reality Kings site that shows these thrilling performers in scenes of fierce hardcore pounding, but always keeps a focus on that hairy patch between their thighs. Although it's not yet offering an especially large collection of scenes and galleries, Hot Bush is certainly a great place to start if you too are sick of girls that take nakedness a little too far and lose their womanly tufts.

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  • Just Gone Gay

    Price: $23.32/Month

    So, you've Just Gone Gay. Now what? Hell, if you're in the same situation as most of the rest of the world, you probably wanna earn some money, right? In that case, you're much like the brand-new-homos of Just Gone Gay. They too dropped to their knees and made some quick cash shooting porn. Hosting an exclusive collection of homo-hardcore that'll have you tickling your taint and kneading your knob almost immediately upon entry, Just Gone Gay takes one devoted cock-gobbler and introduces him to a guy who has only just come to terms with his homosexuality, pushing them together for some frisky frolicking of the carnal kind.

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  • Lane Sisters

    Price: $19.99/Month

    When presented with a chance to make his mojo work its magic on Japanese twins Fook Mi and Fook Yu, Austin Powers finds himself interrupted by his superior and can only utter a single word in protest, "Twins!" That same close sibling relationship is the driving force behind Lane Sisters, a site celebrating the work of Shana and Roxy Lane, Canadian twin pornstars who are set to light your taboo-fantasizing fire on this, their very first website.

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  • Maiko Creampies

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Shooting your load on a pretty girl's face not getting you off? Is even shooting inside your gal-pal or fuckbuddy failing to make a memorable ejaculation? Perhaps Maiko Creampies can advise you on a supremely satisfying location to shoot your seed. Taking its cue from a combination of the radical, transgressive Japanese cinema of the 60s and Nippon's most famous sexual deviancy (bukkake), the makers of Maiko have come up with a radically novel concept: porn scenes that end not with dozens of guys spooging on a woman's face, but a single man cumming inside deep inside his partner's pussy. With a growing archive, HD videos, and dozens upon dozens of cute Japanese chicks getting creamy, Maiko Creampies is a must-see for anyone who prefers their Asian cunt-cake with a little extra icing.

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  • Racquel Devonshire

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Racquel Devonshire might sound like the name of a Spanish-British woman of distinguished class and social stature, but in reality, Ms. Devonshire it your classic North American MILF. She loves showing off her fit, curvaceous body on camera and shows nothing but enthusiasm for the stripping, sucking, dildoing, and fucking that is required of all amateur pornstars. Her husband and producer, TJ, is along for the ride, ample jizz loads at the ready, so why not fasten your seatbelt and take a long drive through suburban America with Racquel Devonshire.

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  • Raging Stallion

    Price: $1.99/1 Day-Limited $14.95/Month

    It's not just their remarkably large penises that have ensured horses will be included in discussions of human sexuality for all time, it's their aggressive yet majestic temperament. Raging Stallion is a gay porn company so sure of its work that it named itself after the most intensely horny animal image known to man, that of the bucking bronco hell bent on inseminating its mare; or, in this case, another stallion with a puckering asshole that might just finally be ready for a pounding. Raging Stallion won't blow anyone's mind, but it does deliver solid gay hardcore at a good price and with little extraneous nonsense. Now, if only the webmasters would add some downloads, then this wildly bucking horse would really be a wild ride!

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  • Shady PI

    Price: $1/1 Day-Limited $17.95/Month

    Focusing on voyeurism and clandestine affairs, Shady PI takes you into the hotels, the motels, the Holiday Inns of the USA and proves that they're not just occupied by traveling salesman, truckers, and hookers. Presented in 720p HD, these documented affairs could result in a costly divorce for the subject. For you, though, Shady PI is firmly trained on the sexy, salacious, scandalous sex.

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  • She’s Gonna Squirt

    Price: $1/2 Days-Limited $19.95/Month

    If you've been the unsuspecting recipient of a reverse facial, that being a facial given to you by a woman while you're in typical dick-sucking position, you done got squirted on! There's no need to be ashamed of your sexual drenching. After all, squirting is the biggest thing to hit porn since DAP and ATM. Not wanting to pass up a golden opportunity for a golden shower celebration, Brazzers has launched its first all-squirting site called, appropriately enough, She's Gonna Squirt. Before you go jumping into anything you can't walk (or swim) your way out of why not let Mr. Pink be your guide?

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  • Teeny Black

    Price: $17.87/Month

    At Teeny Black, Team Skeet's sole website with an African American focus, you'll find a dozen gorgeous young black girls getting their start in porn. Seducing you and their onscreen partners into fairly simplistic but passionate and powerful sex scenes, the girls look stunning in 1080p High Definition video formats. But with so few updates currently available, just how can Teeny Black hope to keep you coming back for more and more and more?

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  • Tory Lane

    Price: $19.95/Month

    The first time I remember noticing Tory Lane she was choking herself with both hands while she gulped down the last of five loads after spending a good 40 minutes on the receiving end of a gang of unrelentingly brutal stuntcocks who invaded every one of her holes, often two-at-a-time; all the while Tory was fucking them as vigorously as they were fucking her. By the time the scene ended up this delightfully decadent pornstar, her shoulder-length hair wet against her neck from sweat, was on my “instant download” list. After taking a look at the tour pages of her recently launched official website, she’ll be on yours, too.

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