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  • Male Classics

    Price: $12.95/3 Days $29.95/Month

    You've ogled your fair share of hunky man-meat over the years, but unless you've experienced the simplistic yet highly potent all-male erotica and hardcore from porn's Golden Age, you've really been missing out. Male Classics and its 536-gallery photo archive does a great job of showcasing the black-and-white gay porn of yesteryear, but it runs into more than a few snags in the process.

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  • Italian Gay

    Price: $29.90/Month

    While Italian men are usually known for being masterful at seducing women and at the art of heterosexual lovemaking, there’s also a rather strong homosexual contingent in the birthplace of Opera and The Renaissance, as evidence by Italian Gay, a site from pornographer Franco Minnelli that brings you hardcore scenes starring two, three, sometimes four lusciously hunky Italians. But, with only a few months of experience under its belt, Italian Gay seems to be struggling to gain a firm grasp on its style, content, and place in the industry.

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  • BiSex Digital

    Price: $1.99/1 Day $14.95/Month

    High quality bisexual porn is the unicorn of the adult industry: precious, rare, and widely believed to be a myth. How then does one explain BiSex Digital, a site that attempts to destroy your preconceived notions of homosexual and heterosexual hardcore by throwing men and women together and letting anyone fuck anyone else regardless of gender? Oh, BiSex Digital isn't a high quality site at all? It's not even updating its lackluster video collection and hasn't more than once scene uploaded in three fucking years? Unicorn, it is.

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  • Hot Dark Studs

    Price: $34.95/Month

    Africa was once known as The Dark Continent, not because of its inhabitants’ complexions, but because so much remained unknown about its vast expanses of deserts, plains, fields, and mountains. Now that the crew behind Hot Dark Studs has boldly gone where no gay porn camera crew has gone before, we know that Africa was and probably still is home to plenty of gorgeous ebony men who love nothing more than exploring each other’s bodies. And you, dear reader, can view it at Hot Dark Studs but be forewarned, this site is not without some serious faults which you should honestly not expect from a site at this price point.

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