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  • Terri Jane Official

    Price: $19.99/Month

    Born and raised in the United Kingdom, busty brown-eyed, brown-haired softcore model Terri Jane recently broke from her former adult entertainment cohorts and headed out on her own. Now online at Terri Jane Official, the delightfully demure zaftig beauty shows off her ample curves, exhibitionist tendencies, and, of all things, her love of creamy, syrupy deserts, trifle in particular. Being only a few weeks old, Terri Jane Official isn't yet as immensely satisfying as its host seems to be, but when there's time to grow and the will to succeed, you can bet Terri Jane will be there, showing off her stunning all-natural physique for all her fans.

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  • Sarah and Melli

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Sarah's got an athletic physique and a charming smile. Melli is more fully-figured, a bit chubby, but nevertheless makes quite an impression. Together, Sarah and Melli, on their so-named joint site, present would-be fans with a tempting proposition: give us twenty bucks and spend a month in our sultry company. Beware, though, fellas! Sarah and Melli have only just setup shop here and there's hardly any content online. They may look like innocent sweethearts who'd never do you wrong, but their site, it could have other intentions.

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  • Gushing Lezzies

    Price: $34.95/Month

    Us guys, we can show a girl just how fantastic a lay she is by ejaculating in a visible and vocal fashion, whether on her face, in her mouth, or inside her temple of poon. Only a small percentage of women share this ability and when paired with another ejaculatory girl, it’s sure to be heaven. Gushing Lezzies, however, manages to make a mess out of sapphic cum-shooters and not in the way we’d hoped.

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  • Steel City Sloppies

    Price: $19.99/Recurring $24.99/1 Month

    Akron Ohio’s favorite sons (well, the favorites before Jim Jarmusch and The Black Keys came around), Devo once wrote a barely intelligible song called “Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’)” and it confused the hell out of a teenage me back in my thirteenth year. Now, more than a decade later, I realize that Devo were once again reverberating about kinky sexual practices. Steel City Sloppies takes getting sloppy to all new extremes with content starring girls from Pittsburgh PA that love nothing more than to cover their naked, nubile bodies with oils, creams, cakes, pies, juices, and pretty much anything else that’ll get them wet and messy. Now this, folks, is a real pornographic delicacy.

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