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  • Nylon Fetish Videos

    Price: $39.95/Month

    Those who delight in the sensual, erotic pleasures gleaned from a brief glimpse or touch of a slender female leg surrounded by pantyhose or stockings are handed their own Fetish Network website, Nylon Fetish Videos. Promising to bring its members exclusive scenes of softcore, masturbation, and lesbian sex scenes that always incorporate nylon hosiery, this site seems a surefire way to scratch that particular fetishistic itch. Unfortunately, as with so many fetish porn sites, Nylon Fetish Videos struggles to pull it all of without hitting some major bumps in the road.

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  • Panty Man

    Price: $24.95/Month $65.95/90 Days

    You're the kind of guy who's always trying to peek beneath a short skirt or catch a glimpse of a whale tale whenever a cute girl at the record store bends down to pull an early Neko Case CD from the bargain bin. You, sir, are a devoted admirer of women's undergarments, especially when the women wearing them are sexy little minxes willing to throw a glimpse of waistband or a flash of crotch your way just to excite. Panty Man is a website tailor made for guys like you, guys who long for endless hours sitting before a parade of gorgeous ladies in underwear more tasteful than tacky. It may mostly hold softcore photos and videos, but as any Panty Man knows, sometimes soft and sensual beats hard 'n' heavy hands down!

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  • Best Femdom Video

    Price: $4.95/5 Tokens $8.95/10 Tokens $16.95/20 Tokens

    Best Femdom Video isn’t the most modest name for a femdom website, but the mistresses and dommes featured here wouldn’t have it any other way. Give them a chance and they’ll prove their supremacy over the gaggle of males that dare enter their dungeon. With 720p HD videos offering highly detailed views of hundreds of extremely punishing BDSM scenes, each led by dominant, oppressive leather-clad women, Best Femdom Video is well worth a look. Best of all, too, this site offers a pay-per-view system so you’ll only ever pay for scenes you really want, no, need to watch. You might not be face-to-face (or burning wax-to-nutsack) with the dommes themselves, but self-administered vicarious punishment can be just as satisfying.

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  • Fetish Erotic

    Price: $9.95/Month

    Kink aficionados unite! Bondage fans assemble! Fetish Erotic has arrived to deliver a message of hope: Come one, come all, and witness a most dazzling display of physical dexterity and bodies so hot we had to wrap them in an assortment of shiny, constrictive garmentry! Witness, all you who long to explore the darkened corners of your sexual inclinations, Fetish Erotic. Step inside my fellow fetish fan and find out if Fetish Erotic is anywhere as good as Mr. Pink's seemingly carnival-inspired pitch for this website.

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  • Fetish Galaxy

    Price: Various Options

    When your sexual preferences are so outta this world you need to consult a sex therapist every time you consider letting someone in on your little secret, you might wanna give Fetish Galaxy a visit. Built around a blending together of recorded hardcore, instructional materials, and live webcam sessions with kinky dommes and trainers, Fetish Galaxy certainly is unique. But is it worth your time, your money, and your abundance of shame?

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