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  • Teen Pink Videos

    Price: $0.95/2 Days-Limited $27.95/Month

    Expectations are, well, lukewarm for Teen Pink Videos as I enter my log-in details and hit the update page for the first time in what seems like (and probably is) years. What, updates have stalled? What's going on here? Must I inform my loyal readers that Teen Pink Videos is deader than Sid Vicious and Nancy Spudgen combined? Sorry, folks, but it looks that way. For more information on what exactly happened to Teen Pink Videos and what anyone signing up now is getting for their money, read on!

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  • Retro Raw

    Price: $27.63/Month

    Looking at porn in 2011, you might be dismayed by the abundance of over-inflated breasts, arrogant jizz-spurting jocks, and a rather noticeable lack of true sensuality. Why not head back to a time when hardcore adult movies were less about cramming something as huge as possible into the tightest hole available and more about putting a man and a woman, both sexy and eager to please, into a scene together and watching the sparks fly. Retro Raw hosts a great collection of vintage smut starring some of the sexiest men and women to ever grace the small (or large) screen. This is one hardcore porn site that knows that the 70's simply can’t be beat!

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  • BiSex Digital

    Price: $1.99/1 Day $14.95/Month

    High quality bisexual porn is the unicorn of the adult industry: precious, rare, and widely believed to be a myth. How then does one explain BiSex Digital, a site that attempts to destroy your preconceived notions of homosexual and heterosexual hardcore by throwing men and women together and letting anyone fuck anyone else regardless of gender? Oh, BiSex Digital isn't a high quality site at all? It's not even updating its lackluster video collection and hasn't more than once scene uploaded in three fucking years? Unicorn, it is.

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  • Shemale Video Club

    Price: $29.95/Month

    Those of you on the lookout for a one-stop solution to all your pornographic shemale sex video needs best look in the direction of Shemale Video Club, a site that promises to be the greatest online archive of hardcore tranny fuck flicks you’ve ever seen. With gorgeous ladyboys stroking themselves off to messy completion, one-on-one hardcore ass-pounding, train-pulling sex, and a whole mess of juicy niche fetishes presented in downloadable DVD form, Shemale Video Club could be, gulp, the one! (Then again, it could not.)

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