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  • Girlcore

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/Month

    Having won acclaim for her numerous female-focused projects, Bree Mills set about realizing her “dream lesbian” project. Set in the 1980s, the narrative thrust of Girlcore, a six part series available through the Adult Time network, varies from episode to episode but is guaranteed to feature more hot pink and turquoise than porn has seen in decades! With an all star cast decked out in the finest (and faddiest) eighties fashions throwing down in steamy lesbian hardcore scenes that play “like a television show - with sex!” Girlcore’s stunning visuals are brought to members in 4K and should help solidify Mills are the preeminent director of sophisticated lesbian porn.

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  • Harmony Vision

    Price: $17.47/Month

    Created in the carnal bowels of the United Kingdom, Harmony Vision’s unique glam-and-kink infused hardcore porn offers a thrilling view of British and European sexual extravagance. High Definition videos, high-res photo galleries, and a stunning cast of drop-dead gorgeous adult models dressed in evening gowns, office attire, latex and vinyl, and the skimpiest lingerie all combine to make Harmony Vision one of the most notorious European studios active today, and one of the Stiffia Network’s most essential sites.

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  • Hitzefrei

    Price: $19.95/Month

    From Anny Aurora to Anissa Kate, it seems every top tier pornstar in Europe (as well as many relative unknown knockouts) is headed to Germany to shoot for the acclaimed hardcore studio, Hitzefrei. Hosting HD streams and downloads, and high res photo galleries starring Europe’s finest fuckers engaging in all manner of hardcore activities, spread across eight exclusive web series and filled with more outrageous fucking than you’d ever suspect!

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  • Pornstar Network

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Pornstar Network wasn't always the gigantic porno emporium in is now, but once it passed the 50-website mark, this behemoth started getting hard to control. Filled with thousands and thousands of worthy adult movies, the network is sadly also filled with far too much unremarkable, easily forgettable porn. Keep your cool inside Pornstar Network and you'll find yourself wading through one of the richest porno collections on the 'net, one that every devoted porn-lover should explore.

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  • Pretty Dirty

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Your porn viewing can range from the tepid to the torrid in the space of fifteen minutes. Face it, you’re Pretty Dirty. A site fit for anyone who’s ever doubted their sanity after a more lurid than usual fantasy fap session, Pretty Dirty and its 200-plus HD scenes of sexual and social depravity pack a hell of a lot of heat into each 1080p frame. Having lost a little steam lately, this epic site could be on the wane - or is it being replaced by a site to which its members already enjoy access? The whole sordid affair is explained herein!

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  • PurgatoryX

    Price: $9.95/1st Month

    For any devoted porn viewer torn between the romantic and the frenetic, between tender lovemaking and extreme hardcore fucking, PurgatoryX proposes a solution: why not have both? With its Heaven and Hell series of narrative driven sex flicks, PurgatoryX covers a whole lot of kinky carnal ground while never totally abandoning the romantic intimacy possible even in porno.

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  • White Ghetto

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Showing little to no regard for observing social taboos - in fact, determined to smash them into a million little pieces - White Ghetto tromps out of the gutter and all over porno’s version of politeness, delivering endless step-cest, gangbangs, babysitter-fucking, wife-swapping, orgiastic mayhem to its devoted members. In High Definition updates hitting 1080p in streams and downloads, White Ghetto makes a case for being Fame Digital’s most obscene site. From Transsexual Housewives to Shemale Sex Kittens, Dark Meat to Bi Forced Cuckold Gangbang, every new DVD title added to White Ghetto’s already epic archive is a rare and kinky treat.

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  • Adult Empire Unlimited

    Price: $12.50/Month

    Notoriety, fear, power, financial security: all good reasons to create yourself an empire and become the envy of others. Adult Empire Unlimited is a site that focuses on the strongest motivator for success, sex, with an extensive archive of HD and Ultra-HD smut from a variety of world-class studios, acclaimed producers, and undeniable performers. From butt-fucking grannies in lingerie to teen girls butt-fucking their boyfriends (in lingerie) and everywhere in between, Adult Empire Unlimited is as vast as your taste in porn.

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  • Japan HD

    Price: $14.95/Month

    Everyone knows there’s only one country on Earth committed enough to the uniqueness of its sexual culture and nation character to earn a spot on a list of Ultimate Erotic Destinations: Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun’s finest female performers and most deviant sexual entertainment can be seen in lush High Definition packages at Japan HD, an all-Asian element of the acclaimed Stiffia network. With everything from bukkake to buttfucking, orgies to oral creampies that overflow the mouth and nearly drown the receiver, there’s plenty of fucking fun and frivolity to be had at Japan HD.

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  • Mr Lucky Raw

    Price: $14.95/1st Month $29.95/Rebill

    Mr Lucky Raw takes you behind the scenes of a porno shoot and proves the sex doesn’t stop just because the camera is no longer rolling. With post-scene interviews that lead into kinky, randy hardcore encounters delivered here in HD and 4K videos, Mr Lucky Raw offers sizzling sex with plenty of personality and charm. Dive into Mr Lucky Raw and see just how much fucking fun occurs on a typical porn set.

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  • Naked News

    Price: $5/Month

    Expect no Pulitzers here, folks, 'cause this is one news organization with a difference! The all-female all-nude anchor team of Naked News has been keeping you informed for over ten years and now offers an even more attractive slate of HD broadcasts, on-location reports, and special segments concerning everything from tech talk to Comic-Con to naked skydiving. Naked News won't bring you all the hardcore fucking you've grown accustomed to, but it will have your groin throbbing during a stock market report - and not because you're a savvy investor.

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