• Porn Fidelity

    Price: $8.95/3 Days $9.95/Month

    It’s not cheating if you have permission. That motto has served Porn Fidelity and its members well for years. Chronicling the extra-marital affairs of Ryan Madison, husband of legendary adult model Kelly Madison, Porn Fidelity features an amazing cast of porn talents all giving themselves over to Mr. Madison’s relentlessly ejaculating dick. In HD and 4K videos, Porn Fidelity has expanded to include a wider cast and less of a focus on the Madisons. How does it stand up today? Tag along with Mr. Pink and find out.

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  • Puffy Network

    Price: $2.95/2 Days $14.95/Month

    Home to five websites of unique focus and interest, Puffy Network is arguably the most pussified porn network in existence. Aside from a site devoted to anal play and butt fucking, and two honoring women with excellent head skills, Puffy Network aims its collection of HD and 4K videos squarely at the pussies of Europe’s sexiest pornstars. Wet & Puffy and Wet & Pissy form the flagship duo of this extremely adventurous network but I know what you’re thinking: could these sites possibly get me off?

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  • Sapphix

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $29.95/Month

    Stop that man! Sapphix is an entirely female-only zone - and a damn interesting one at that. Filled with sexy European models all eager to show off for the 4K cameras, Sapphix showcases female masturbation, lesbian sex, fisting and even pornstar interviews, all on one tantalizing four-site network. Can Sapphix stand up against other acclaimed studios in the increasingly tough field of all-female porn? Let’s spread this appetizing morsel open and find out!

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  • Sex Art

    Price: $19.99/Month

    For those porno fans who fancy themselves a bit, well, fancy, Sex Art will feel like a tonic, a salve, a respite from the general crassness of most adult entertainment. Combining classically erotic Met Art styling with explicit sex was always going to be a good idea but Sex Art makes it a home run with its awesome sense of sophistication and class.

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  • Tushy Raw

    Price: $1/2 Days $19.95/Month

    Ass is where it’s at, folks! As any devoted porn viewer knows, anal sex has become a porn standard - and one of the strongest and hottest niches in the game! Tushy Raw delivers awesome anal interactions starring porn’s lustiest anal stars. In torrid hotel rendezvous, they give their holes to their lover and let you take in every glorious, gaping moment not just in HD but in 4K, too. Tushy Raw is an anal must-see.

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  • Vixen

    Price: $1/2 Days $19.95/Month

    Take a little bit of the acclaimed adult sites Tushy and Blacked, aim for a slightly more mainstream style of porno sex and you end up with Vixen. Launched by lauded director Greg Lanky and continued today by a select group of excellent porn auteurs, Vixen casts the hottest European and American stars of today in sizzling sex scenes photographed with a sophisticated flair. In brilliant Ultra-HD 4K videos, the pairing of before- and behind- camera talent gives Vixen an edge of most adult outfits going today.

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  • VR Bangers

    Price: $15/Month

    VR Bangers is a leader in the world of VR porn and maybe it’s time you found out why. With a cast of top pornstar talents leaping into virtual reality to become your virtual sex partners, and with a range of niches, concepts, and styles at play, VR Bangers could be the most satisfying porn you’ve ever experienced.

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  • VR Porn

    Price: $19.95/Month

    Virtual sex has taken hold of many devoted porn viewers and after even a quick glance at what’s on offer at VR Porn, it’s easy to see why. Immersing yourself in rich 3D renderings of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other soon-to-be cum stained environments has never seemed more appealing now that VR Porn has gathered the best virtual sex episodes from a wide range of studios and production outfits. From top notch porn talents sucking dick in 3D to totally artificial CGI characters bringing your most bizarre fantasy fucks to life, VR Porn puts the world of virtual sex at your fingertips.

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  • 1By Day

    Price: $9.95/1st Month $19.99/Rebill

    Way back when, 1By-Day went by the even more unwieldy name of 1By-Day & 1By-Night, a name referring its update schedule. Things may have slowed down a little at this DDF Network site, but only because 1By-Day’s focus has become even more refined. Shooting solo female masturabtion scenes with a glamorous, keenly erotic style, and delivering the graphic goods in HD and 4K videos, 1By-Day is perfect for anyone who, when it comes down to it, really prefers to watch.

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  • Blow Pass

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Sucking dick isn’t just a pastime many women won’t readily admit to loving, it’s a fucking art form! Blow Pass, the five-site network formerly known as My XXX Pass, doesn’t just celebrate the best blowjobbery in the business, it captures some seriously amazing suckjobs, intense and messy facials, and just about any kind of ball-fondling, shaft-slurping boner workout you can imagine. Throw in Immoral Live for a truly unique voyeuristic hardcore experience and Blow Pass, name change be damned, just might have you by the balls.

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  • DDF Busty

    Price: $19.99/1st Month

    Big bountiful breasts fill damn near every pixel of your (hopefully 4K) screen when you point your browser of choice in DDF Busty’s direction. Home to European and American models of seriously ample rackage, this Denys Defrancesco production doesn’t just shoot stunning tease shots of big tatted beauties, it casts them in sordid sex scenes that definitely earn their ‘hardcore’ tag. In HD and UHD, DDF Busty is perfect for porn lovers who like ‘em big on top.

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