• Deeper

    Price: $1/2 Days $19.95/Month

    Dive deeper and deeper into the darker side of lust with Kayden Kross’s collection of mini-masterpieces, Deeper. Supported by the infamous family of Greg Lansky-created adult sites, Deeper takes a more mature, artistic, and impassioned look at hardcore hookups built around actual character motivations and narratives. With her husband Manuel Ferrara on board and a bevy of today’s hottest new talents lining up to go deep, Deeper is an astounding adult creation that must be seen to be believed.

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  • Fantasy Massage

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    When your girlfriend’s birthday is on the horizon and she asks for a day pass to her favorite spa, telling you what she really needs is a damn good massage, she’s lying. One look at Fantasy Massage and you’re unlikely to ever view such hands-on therapy the same again. On eight exclusive websites devoted to different kinds of massages, Fantasy Massage turns every appointment into a sexual tryst equal parts taboo and tender, risqué and relaxing. Shot and delivered in stunning 1080p HD streams and downloads, the network is now every producing scenes based on members’ own fantasies - a real treat and probably what your S.O. had in mind for her special birthday indulgence. (Who knew a massage could hurt so much?)

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  • HardX

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    HardX aims high, seeking to dazzle even the most jaded porn viewer with incredibly powerful hardcore sex starring today’s most feverish fuckers. Now that the site has moved into 4K Ultra-HD-world, this epic fuckathon looks even better and will no doubt further cement its already strong reputation. You, the eager home viewer, can dive into all kinds of epic anal poundings, blowbangs and gangbangs, and other sordid affairs, all under the flying freak flag of HardX.

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  • JAV HD

    Price: $1/3 Days $14.99/Month

    Hardcore Japanese porn? That alone is enough to excite a huge adult audience. Throw in the fact that JAV HD’s smut is totally uncensored and gives you the clearest, most detailed view of this sizzling action the ‘net has to offer and you’re likely to push plenty of porn viewers to a state of near-ecstasy. Dive into the most awesome archive of Japanese porn the Internet has to offer with JAV HD.

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  • Jules Jordan

    Price: $19.95/Month

    When you’ve been shooting fan-favorite porno for around ten years, you should probably know what the people want and how to give it to them. Thankfully, with years of onscreen sex behind him, Jules Jordan is one porn producer who seriously delivers the goods. Now hitting 4K resolutions at their best (and 1080p HD when 4K’s not available), Jordan’s epic tales of fantastic fuckery will have you scrambling for tissues, a personal loan, and a Mr. Pink signature discount deal. Food, family, friends… Basically, porn fans, if they’re not Jules Jordan, fuck ‘em!

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  • Karup’s PC

    Price: $29.85/Month

    Having trouble finding a reliable source for your sexual entertainment? Karup’s PC boasts a massive “private collection” of top notch smut hitting the majority of mainstream subjects and interests. With a huge haul of HD and now 4K videos, a mammoth archive of photo galleries going back so far it means the original stars are now well and truly in MILF and GILF territory, Karup’s PC has plenty to share with a devoted, deviant audience.

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  • Kelly Madison

    Price: $8.95/3 Days $9.95/Month

    Kelly Madison is a bona fide porn legend and although she no longer steps in front of the camera to fuck her way into your hearts, her husband Ryan does. On the renamed Kelly Madison Media, the couple showcases Ryan’s epic sexual adventures with a bevy of sexy-as-fuck pornstar talents. In HD and 4K videos shot in a marvelously cinematic style, Kelly Madison media delivers seriously awesome sex.

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  • Mile High Media

    Price: $1/2 Days $14.99/1st Month

    You can rip your bongs and smoke your joints and drop as much acid as you want, but Mile High Media will insist your so-called “high” is nothing of the sort. Offering erotic entertainment from a handful of world-class adult studios, Mile High Media brings HD and Ultra-HD sex to your screen in awesome style. Now with a brand new studio site in tow, Mile High Media is bigger and better than ever.

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  • Next Door Studios

    Price: $1/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    What’s in a name? Would Next Door Studios suddenly seem more appealing if it still carried its old name, Next Door World? Doubtful, ‘cause this haven of homosexual hardcore (and related delights) is damn good as-is. Loaded with scorching hot HD hardcore movies and high-res photo galleries detailing solo cock-stroking sessions, neighborly anal experimentation, group sex and orgies, and even sex with actual female women (!), Next Door Studios is bound to delight a wider range of viewers than ever before.

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  • Pride Studios

    Price: $1.99/2 Days $14.95/1st Month $29.95/Rebill

    Home to more than a half-dozen sites showcasing all-male hardcore sexual entertainment, Pride Studios is a tantalizing collection of some very fine gay porn touching on a range of niches, acts, and styles. In HD and 4K Ultra-HD videos that make a huge leap over earlier works, and on such infamous sites as BearBack, Men Over 30, and Extra Big Dicks, the best and brightest boys in the Pride do their sex, their gender, their orientation proud.

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  • Pure Taboo

    Price: $1/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Sick and tired of porn scenes being all-too-simple meet-and-skeet scenarios? Fancy a trip down the dark, disturbing path of exploring social and sexual taboos that would make most “normal” people wince or vomit? Hey, bud, check out Pure Taboo, a haven for narrative driven porn concepts that involve such normally off-limits acts as stepsister-fucking, the snatching up of random hot girls found on the roadside, therapists taking advantage of their sex-addicted clients, and family barbecues that leave one shocked and surprised woman coated in the semen of multiple uncles, cousins, and other, closer relatives. Delivered by the Adult Time network in brilliant, artistic 4K movies, Pure Taboo is a deviant’s delight.

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