• DarkX

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    When it comes to porno niches notoriously difficult to get right, interracial sex is right up there! Prone to insulting or offensive stereotypes and ignorant racial tropes, much IR smut simply sucks. Under the skillful direction of acclaimed porn auteur Mason, however, the black and (mostly) white pairings of DarkX bring plenty of sizzle to your screen without resorting to crass cliches. In HD and 4K videos, porn’s biggest, darkest dicks please a parade of top class porn pussy for your pleasure and entertainment.

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  • EroticaX

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Not everyone needs their porn to be aggressive and furiously performed. Some of us actually want to watch romance at play. Although that might seem a stretch for porn, EroticaX takes great pride in cultivating carnal entertainment that’s suitable for couples’ viewing, is popular with women, and takes a good long look at the wide world of sex based on seduction, genuine attraction, and intimacy. Now in 4K Ultra-HD video streams and downloads, EroticaX is a leading light of soft, gentle, yet seriously hot onscreen sex.

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  • Euro Teen Erotica

    Price: $4.95/1st Month $9.95/Rebill

    The hotly contested 'teen' niche offers two main competitors: the gently erotic and the explicit and hardcore. Euro Teen Erotica is Denys Defrancesco's attempt to combine the two normally disparate styles into one all-encompassing youthful sexual entertainment outlet. Part of the DDF Network but considered here a standalone site, Euro Teen Erotica boasts weekly updates, more than 300 gorgeous young models, over 500 scenes of hardcore teen-fucking action delivered in a refreshingly subtle style. Well, it's about as subtle as Denys Defrancesco gets anyway, and it's stunning every step of the way.

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  • Fake Hub

    Price: $17.95/Month  

    Roaring out of the filthy back alleys and lay-bys of Great Britain comes a network dedicated to corrupting everyday folks with fierce carnal encounters. Fake Hub is home to such now legendary sites as Fake Taxi, Fake Hospital, and Fake Agent, all of which see unsuspecting women and men pounced on by coercive, convincing charmers who abuse their positions of (very modest) power to snag some primo snatch on the job. Fake Hub and its HD archive of reality-rooted sex is a whole world of fun in one neat package.

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  • Gay Room

    Price: $17.95/Month

    Call it your special hidden palace of love or call it a members-only all-male hardcore network of twelve exclusive websites, either way, Gay Room is calling, commanding you to watch its hunky men and nervous, excited boys slurp the semen from each others cocks, ride plump and pert butts in fierce ass-bangings, and worship some of the more impressive male forms to enter gay porn in some time. Home to Gay Castings, Massage Bait, Boys Destroyed, and nine other sites, Gay Room makes on powerful sexual statement.

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  • Girlfriends Films

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/1st Month

    Porn viewers might be used to the human male member appearing on screen in most movies but Girlfriends Films takes a different approach, one dedicated entirely to glorious depictions of woman-to-woman love and lust. Now sporting amazing 4K Ultra-HD videos along with its usual HD delights, Girlfriends Films covers every angle of steamy lesbian sex and renders it onscreen in awesome quality for all to ogle.

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  • Holly Randall

    Price: $19.99/Month

    Holly Randall is fighting an uphill battle. When most pornographers are aiming for double-anal gangbangs and pubic ass-fucking escapades, Randall instead aims her HD cameras at porn’s most beautiful women and simply tries to capture their erotic essence. With a waiting audience of softcore loyalists and erotic hardcore devotees, Randall and her official website, The Women of Holly Randall, deliver a powerful reminder of porn’s pre-gonzo potential and a showcase of the industry’s most devastatingly sexy women.

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  • In The Crack

    Price: $24.95/Month

    Delving deep between the upper thighs of porn's most comely women, In the Crack ditches hardcore sex and all the kinkiness you find in porn today, instead focusing on its stunning, seductive models, their remarkable physicalities, and their desire to show the world how sexually appealing they can be. On tropical shores and in swank hotel suites, Aria Alexander, Cindy Starfall, and many dozens more spread their legs and exposure themselves fully for your 4K or HD viewing pleasure. There's nothing quite like In the Crack, that's for sure.

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  • JoyMii

    Price: $2.95/3 Days $14.95/Month

    JoyMii should be well known to any devoted fans of European hardcore done with an erotic twist. Its large, long running archive is now part of the enormous Adult Time empire and has lost none of its charm. In fact, now arriving in 4K resolutions, videos are more sensually arousing than ever before. JoyMii shows no signs of slowing down its dominance of the Euro-rotica side of porn so you’d best jump on board now to really take advantage of its powerful onscreen lust.

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  • Karup’s HA

    Price: $29.85/Month

    Give it up for this sizzling dose of homegrown heat! Karup’s HA has been plying its amateur-leaning wares since the early noughties and still brings the finest Hometown Amateurs - that’s the HA, right there - to your screen in photo and video form. Part of the excellent Karup’s porn empire - and providing extended access to all its arms - Karup’s HA is a damn fine take on amateur (or semiamateur) smut.

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  • Ladyboy Gold

    Price: $24.94/Month

    For years I've heard people speak of something or other being "the gold standard" in its field, clearly meaning it superior to similar products, services, and experiences. Is Ladyboy Gold the best male-to-female trans-porn can get? One look at this nine-site network, its roster of sexy Asian tranny talents, and its 720p HD videos, you'll certainly find it hard to argue with Ladyboy Gold's allure.

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