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  • Sunrise Kings

    Price: $3.95/2 Days-Limited $19.95/Month

    Don’t you, dear reader, long to be a high-roller, the kind of guy who can and will whisk his ladyfriend away for a romantic (read: pornographic) weekend in the tropics, a weekend of sun, surf, sand, sky-diving, and sex? Well, if you need some pointers, I’m sure the guys behind Sunrise Kings would be glad to help out. They’ve managed to visit some of the worlds most gorgeous holiday spots and they’ve taken some of Europorn’s most dynamic performers with them, capturing every explicit bout of outdoor coitus along the way. They fuck in the waves, on dunes, on mountaintops, in caves, and even on a raft in the raging rapids of some remote river. Come on in, fellas, the fuckin’s fine!

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  • Step 1 Models

    Price: $29.95/Month $19.95/Rebill

    Every pornstar has to start somewhere and Step 1 Models has been providing untested adult talent with a venue to showcase their skills for a while now. Unlike many sites that start out strong then quickly fade into obscurity, Step 1 is only getting better the longer it stays in operation. Improvements have been made in some necessary areas and more wannabe starlets have jumped (or quaked) at the chance to strip-off and get down to business, the porno way. Keep a close eye on Step 1 Models, folks, 'cause this site, with all its improvements and its dedication to impressive amateurs, is itself headed for stardom.

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  • Viv Thomas Video

    Price: $29.95/Month

    Most of the American readers of this site have probably never set foot on the European continent, let alone met, sweet talked, intoxicated, and subsequently bedded a beautiful French, Hungarian, or Romanian woman. That’s why we need guys like Viv Thomas who’ll go out there and do it all for us, capturing every moment on video for his loyal followers to see. Viv Thomas Video collects his A/V adventures all in one convenient location, so why not sample life on the continent for yourself. It’s cheaper than a place ticket and safer than an Amsterdam hostel, after all.

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  • Lust HD

    Price: $17.87/Month

    Can you distill one of humanity's most primal and unstoppable internal forces into digitized video form? Team Skeet certainly seems to think so, launching Lust HD as the online embodiment of our collective burning desire for sex. Starring gorgeous European girls and their girlfriends and boyfriends in scenes more romantic than, say, Anal Explorers in Deep Shit IV, this here is a site that romances you pretty hard. Are you ready, though, to make a commitment to Lust HD?

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  • 18 X Girls

    Price: $14.95/Month

    MILFs and cougars are all well and good if you're looking for an experienced hand to teach you a thing or ten, but if you feel you've got some sexual wisdom to impart, perhaps you'd be more comfortable in the company of an 18-year-old slut-to-be. Well, if such ladies are of interest to you, you'll be amazed at the beauties to be seen stripping, masturbating, and fucking both each other and some lucky fellows on 18 X Girls. With a distinctly European style and bright, clear HD videos, 18 X Girls is a promising porn site.

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  • I Dream of Jo

    Price: $19.95/Month

    From the city streets of Budapest comes Jo, a lithe brunette model who delights in sharing herself with a dedicated audience. Through her weekly photo and video installments, Jo shows you not only how she makes love to her own body, but also how she makes love to another woman. With 720p HD videos and 2400px photos capturing every delectable second in crystal clear images, I Dream of Jo is a solid base for Jo's online operations. Or, it would be if Jo hasn't been usurped by her more sedate, more private alter-ego, Moni. What does the future hold for Jo/Moni? Can we expect I Dream of Jo to gradually become a predictable Twilight Zone episode centered on the madonna-whore complex? Only a thorough Mr. Pink's investigation, and perhaps Jo's blog, will tell.

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  • Daphoz

    Price: $24.95/Month $29.99/Month (non-recurring)

    Loaded as Facebook seems to be with women eager to thrust their physiques, perfectly crafted or shabbily assembled as they might be, into your digital field of vision, it makes sense that an adult erotica site would use the game-changing social networking website as a casting resource. Daphoz is a site that has allegedly done exactly that. What's that? You didn't know such notable adult models as Sarah Peachez and Sandra Shine were your average female Facebook users? Consider yourself schooled by Daphoz, dude, the site that, like your newfound (and totally tangential) Facebook connection to some babe, shows ample promise but will it deliver?

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  • Miley Mason

    Price: $24.99/Month

    Always on the lookout for a tight-bodied young woman who enjoys showing off her tits, it is with great anticipation that Mr. Pink’s jumped into this review of professional teen harlot Miley Mason’s website. Offering her members exclusive photo and video content (all high-res and HD) that shows off her gorgeous, slender body and effervescent personality, Miley’s site is bound to thrill even the most jaded fan of teen hotties. Sure, it’s a small site, but don’t we value quality over quantity, especially in these days of market over-saturation?

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  • Fantasy HD

    Price: $1/1 Day $17.95/Month

    Your fantasies might be brilliantly detailed when they're rolling through your head but imagined visuals can't really compete with the stunning detail of 1080p High Definition, can they? Fantasy HD delivers the images your mind can't (at least not until the invention of a subconscious image projector) and does so in impressive style, especially for a fledgling site. Unfortunately, while its frames might be huge, Fantasy HD's archive is not. Does this scant content collection negate the brilliance of the 1080p videos, the stunning pornstar performers, and the scorching hot sex? Will you be better off entrusting your masturbatory activities to your imagination? Mr. Pink, psychically savvy surveyor of sexual entertainment, finds out!

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  • Zishy

    Price: $5.95/Month

    Zishy, a term coined by erotically inclined LA-based photographer Zach Venice, might not have graced your ears or eyes before, but the handy definition provided on the site of the same name lets you know that Zishy is all about "edgy non-nude photos of beautiful women". As more and more folks depart the softcore arena for the increasingly explicit world of hardcore smut, however, can Zishy and its bevy of sexy hipster chicks, athletic girls, and everyday LA hotties make a strong enough impression to convince you to spend (the admittedly dirt cheap) $5.99 monthly fee its archives require for access? I, Mr. Pink, intend to find out… if I don't get too distracted by these American Aparrel-clad starlets along the way, that is.

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